Online School Management App

Digital revolution is an effective medium for the education industry

In today's fast-paced Internet age, digitizing educational institutions is one of our main goals and it is our duty to contribute in order to survive with the myriad benefits of excelling in ducational institutions and management.

We Offer Finest Quality Educational Software Development Services

Dotphi has been working in the field of online school management app for the last several years and in line with today's digital age, we have focused on making Education Online a convenient platform for various schools and colleges by making a digital revolution in the field of education. We have a team of professional developers and designers who are highly innovative in developing e-learning web and mobile apps and effectively complete every complexity of e-learning. With our best-in-class instructional design practice and fixed-fire testing tools and techniques, we provide the most specialized solutions to overcome e-learning software development challenges.

Online School Management App | Educational Software Development Company

We Provide The Following Features As Required In Educational Software:

  • Organize Subjects
  • Video conference
  • Chat messaging
  • Discussion System
  • Instant interaction
  • Video/Audio Integration
  • Project Sharing
  • News/Blog
  • Online lectures
  • Remote learning
  • Manage Courses
  • Discussion System
  • Instant interaction
  • School/College Information
  • Events Publish
  • Attendance Records
  • Online Exam
  • eBook Library
  • Discussion System
  • Instant interaction
  • Alexa Integration & Advance Search
  • Online Fee Collection

Advantages of Our Online School Management Software

    Numerous benefits of college and school management software that we are developing.

  • Easy to Use: We offer options to manage different chapters of that subject as per standard in educational software.
  • Secure software: The details contained in the software are completely secure and confidential. No third party may interfere with our system.
  • Multiple management: The software manages different campus management and different tasks on one platform.
  • Great communication: Online school management software has improved communication tools and reduced the gap between students, parents and teachers.
  • Attendance: The school management system software manages the attendance of students and teachers themselves. Teachers and management do not have to spend time in attendance.
  • Massive SMS facility: We also provide SMS to exchange information or send reminders to students and parents.
Online School Management App | Educational Software Development Company
Online School Management App | Educational Software Development Company

How Our Online Software for School Management helps?

    Our online software for school management and educational video conferencing app takes organization management digitally one step further.

  • Live Video Conferencing:Interact with your students directly through a Video Conferencing Channel. Make learning interactive and easy through live gathering conferencing.
  • Assignments:The online lecture management software provides a platform where teachers can give students various assignments and exam papers and students can view those assignments.
  • Save times: By using the Internet at home and learning from a mobile or web based portal, you can save time traveling to and from educational institutions.
  • Solved queries: If a student has any doubts in the study, he can immediately ask in the online lecture.
  • Question & answer: While the teacher is teaching, you can ask the students a question and ask for an answer to see if they are satisfied.
Online School Management App | Educational Software Development Company
Online School Management App | Educational Software Development Company

Are You Looking To Create An Educational School Management Software Solutions for Authorities & Students?

If yes, you have arrived at the right place because we develop a complete educational software solution for all the schools, colleges, coaching classes, institutes and universities effectively with our expertise efficiently, and at an affordable price. Get world class perfect, innovative educational school web and software, educational video conferencing app, online school management software, online lecture management software solution at one place. We at Dotphi Solutions offer a wide variety of innovative learning educational software development services to schools, colleges and coaching institutes worldwide. Dotphi has domain expertise in education software development and to date has provided substantial assistance to various educational institutions in the field of digital learning by providing online school college lectures management software with e-learning software development solutions, web based and Android amp development solutions. With over 15 years of experience providing educational software development services in India, we can tailor the software to your needs.

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