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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS refers to a service which allows the user to send SMS to one or more recipients via a software platform. In this world where nobody lives without mobile, you can use this as an advantage to market your services and products to common masses. Bulk SMS is the most comprehensive, powerful, and easy way to reach the grassroots level... Mobile connects you with your on-the-go customers through any channel.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services | Bulk SMS Marketing Company | Bulk SMS Marketing Agency


  • Easy to use
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Do it yourself email marketing service
  • To send redeemable coupons, vouchers to your customers to boost sales
  • Send Ads to create brand value
  • Send alerts & to do corporate communication.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

  • Cheaper than a call
  • Can reach to the lowest possible level
  • Take less time than a call
  • Computers are not readily available for mails
  • Reach the pocket of potential customer in time
  • Cellphones do not have a spam box nor it gets lost in the junk and spam folder
  • Easier than personalized mail because it reaches thousands of people in less time
  • SMS can be forwarded so there are high chances of getting referrals
  • You can easily track delivery reports.
Bulk SMS Marketing Services | Bulk SMS Marketing Company | Bulk SMS Marketing Agency

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