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What is Bulk Email Marketing?

It’s a method of mass communication for advertising purpose. Bulk marketing is a form of internet marketing. Automated emails are sent to a group of addresses. This group of people selected has the same interests, needs. A service or product sector company targets such a group of people and sends bulk emails to generate leads and convert them into potential clients. Why Bulk emails? There still are people who trust emails so it will be a plus point if you used emails as your weapon to tackle when it comes to sales and marketing.

Bulk Email Marketing Company | Bulk Email Marketing Services

Why Bulk Email Marketing?

Connect with your customers and audience using our bulk marketing services. Create custom campaigns, share them with your audience and engage them in your service and product.

  • High ROI
  • Generate referrals by using mouth to mouth marketing
  • Bulk emails reach to people which are out of reach
  • Low cost and time saver
  • Build a profitable relationship
  • Engage audiences

Why Dotphi is expert in Bulk Email Marketing?


1) Optimized Delivery Infrastructure :

  • Globally distributed infrastructure
  • Automatic feedback loop registration
  • Automated dedicated IP warmup
  • Multiple domains per account
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Dedicated IP pooling

2) In-Depth Analytics :

  • Searchable activity log
  • Tracking options per email
  • Automatic tagging
  • Custom tagging
  • Comparative reports/li>
  • Custom metadata
  • Webhooks

3) Templates & Dynamic Content :

  • Create multiple templates, and set your own defaults for HTML, text, subject line etc.
  • Automatic CSS inlining
  • Conditional logic and merge tags
  • Multiple templates per account
  • Spam filter testing
Bulk Email Marketing Agency | Bulk Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing service is suitable for small business too. Our easy to use tools allow you to mail with ease.

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