Hostel Management Software Development

What is a hostel management system?

This is one kind of Software Program specifically developed for owner & staff of hostel to manage different activities happend in the hostel. this hostel management system reduce your extra work on written paper as well as helps grow revenue of business. However, It becomes critical task when a management have to handle lot of students whilst new ones are admitted every year. Hostel Management System is simple a customized solution with modules which can be use to manage the complex structure. Managing a hostel can be a headache for an institute/collages. As the technology grows from the last 4-5 years we don't need to take care about everything. Building your own hostel management software is a practical approach as it assists management to completely administer the boarding functionalities of a hostel. This software helps to ease management as well as maintaining various aspects of an institute hostel. You can maintain Registrations and admissions, allotment of rooms, blocks, fees, mess, complaints, request, correspondence and discipline.

Want to manage your hostel room data & student information with single clicks? Build your own Hostel Management Software!! Flexible Solution to Use everywhere!

Hostel Management Software Development | Hostel Management Software Development company

Why us?

Dotphi Infosolutions is a leading online Hostel Management software Development Company in India. We are here to provide top services of Managing rates and reservations, along with housekeeping, property maintenance, food and beverage, the guest relationship, and more will definitely be made easier by taking a lot of your work online and automating it since the last 13 years.

Our Hostel Management software developers are aware of the latest technologies that are required for developing a professional android, iOS, and Web because client satisfaction is more important to us!

Benefits of Hostel Management Software:

  • As an organization, managing your hostel facilities manually can be a daunting task. The effectiveness and efficiency of the work put in will not be enough. With this new technology of hostel management system, it provides a kind of mobility with a practical approach to managing hostels and other facilities convenient for maintenance.
  • The most important advantage of using a hostel management system is that it helps to reduce the workload on the administrative staff of the organization. This simplifies the role and work schedule, thereby reducing manual labor. It accomplishes manual tasks through the online system process.
  • This system helps organizations securely store and manage data and information about students and staff. This allows access to this information only through certain authorized employees.
  • Another beneficial feature of the hostel management system is that the administration has introduced a new form of transparency at the institute level of management. This helps build trust between students, parents and management.
  • In addition, using this system helps you run your organization smoothly without any problems or errors. Institutions need to understand that easy-to-operate hostel facilities can attract students for admission.
Hostel Management Software Development | Hostel Management Software Development company
Hostel Management Software Development | Hostel Management Software Development company

Hostel management system Modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Hostel
  • Building
  • Room
  • Bed
  • Resident
  • Resident History
  • Institute Invoice
  • Inventory
  • Report
  • Employee Management
  • Send SMS to Resident

Hostel management system Features:

  • Efficiently manage all school / college hostels.
  • Manage different students and teachers in different hostels and allocate different rooms to different students.
  • Easy for documentation
  • Create custom reports for further reference.

Develope a Hostel Management Software with Dotphi!!

Our hostel management system provides a fully featured system for managing the entire facility of the hostel with just a few clicks!! This software will keep track of student allotted room, meal, transfer room, hostel details, hostel room management, room allotment , leaves of students, mess details, Inventory management, report generation and other facilities. It gives a clear idea of the condition of the hostel and the room and allows easy maintenance of the hostel.

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