The concept behind Custom ERP software, it is specially developed to help customers with particular preferences and expectations. Basically it support customers with specific online needs and requirement or even to put different ideas into practice. It causes the modification and customization of all established and already developed software solutions. With constant developments in the complexities involved in all e-commerce and other online business activities, it is essential to meet the business as well as the customers’ requirements and preferences in least time with maximum efficiency.

Some Examples of Customized Software:

Custom Billing and Automation Software

Billing software is software that assists companies in billing their customers, for example, through online orders and invoices. It also helps integrate payment gateways and terminals for processing online payments and credit cards.

Custom Elearning Software

Custom eLearning software Solutions provide a comprehensive learning management system for educational institutions and enterprises, and academic management system for educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. It provides highly customizable modular system which allows institutions/organizations to choose, customize and deploy the modules based on their specific requirements.

Custom Hotel Reservation Software

Hotel Management software developed is satisfying all need of customers running hospitality business and having resorts, chalets and hotels. Our custom hotel reservation software allows guests to do self-room reservation by paying through credit card securely and get instant confirmation of booking status.

Custom Retail Software

Custom Retail Software Development is package of products and services that provide to customers who wish to have a retail system. It has been particularly developed to meet your requirements. This type of custom software is made for small shops, super markets and whole-sellers to handle stock details and generate bills.

Custom Insurance Software

Custom insurance software development is nothing but the insurance software made as per the requirements of the client according to world-wide insurance business’s needs.

Hospitals Management Software

Hospitals can keep the data of patient and retrieve it any time. Hospitals also use billing software for their dispensary.

HR-Payroll with Attendance Software

By using this software we can speed up the process of calculating pay accurately and making payments on time. Payroll is a business critical operation for every organisation.

Dotphi Solutions is a leading Custom Software development Company. We offer a wide range of custom IT programming services. We have outstanding experience in custom database development, desktop and distributed application design as well as various custom software components and web-project programming.

If you are looking for someone who will build an effective ERP system for your business then you are at the right land, we can help you to build online erp for your business for more information you can call us on 9766362403 or 7775851779 or you can put us an email at:

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