hotel websites

hotel websites

Give the gift of delicious dining experiences to your target audience with the help of Dotphi!

We love appreciating and will take any opportunity to do so. If you already have a unique space picked out from all of competitors, then it’s our pleasure host to host you. If you gives importance to that, then we also gives same importance to that and we’ll strive to make it perfect.

A best restaurant website should always entice the viewer which is even not visited to their restaurant yet. The good restaurant website always sells the services with as much as the menu, with promises of a professional surrounding, friendly waiter and staff, and a cleaned and well accessible dining area. If you want make a smart restaurant website visit Dotphi Solutions at least once.

Dotphi provides Hotels & Restaurant Website Design and Development for Online booking and reservation. A beautiful website design isn’t enough without proven usability and revenue-generating performance behind it. Our understanding of how travellers search, shop, and book rooms leads to increased conversions for your property. We use this insight to implement the latest interactive designs, technology, and usability best practices so your property realizes increased online bookings.

Good Restaurant websites design is one of the most effective marketing tools at their disposal. Yellow pages quickly replaced by the internet and mobile technology. More and more people find a place to eat using their mobile devices while on the road. A good restaurant web design can provide the small business a great competitive edge. Internet can be used to better market your restaurant to increase their number of customers and reduce the workload.

Features of Hotel website development :

Online chat options with hotel executives
Linking site address with Google maps
Directing users to your Facebook and Twitter page
Posting testimonial and user review/rating
Photo gallery for creating an ambiance and feel
User integrated forms for queries and to request a call back
Linking website with other online travel portals
Job postings to attract quality hospitality staff
Lunch and Dinner Menus
Online reservations
Interactive calendars to provide ease to clients to plan their trip.

Hotel & Restaurant Website Design and Development Company’s performance is as effective, impressive and attractive. The website performance depend on how the server is setup, how the website is programmed and exactly which information is being delivered to the potential customer. We ensure that our program are quickly loadable and fast accessing, 100% responsiveness, and has low cost.

If you wish to build your Hotel & Restaurant website we are here to help you call us at: +91 7276065777 or +91 9766362403 or you can email us at:

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