A web presence with a strong marketing emphasis is essential in today’s competitive market. Most web designers believe that design or programmings are the only elements that make a website successful. At Dotphi Solutions we disagree.


We believe that a strong Marketing Emphasis is most important in developing a successful commercial website.


Once Dotphi Solutions takes on a project, a comprehensive marketing analysis is done that will be the foundation for all your future marketing efforts. This marketing plan is used to determine the colors, imagery and verbiage for your web presence and is the most critical part of your homepage.


The website design is then developed based on your marketing plan and target audience and is designed specifically to make the sale on the homepage.


Finally, the programming is developed using liquid HTML methods and modular coding allowing for easy future maintenance of your website content and search engine optimization.


If you are providing a Tech Support and want to grow your business you need a well designed website to attract more customers.


If you wish to create one you can call us on +91 7276065777 or +91 9766362403 or you can email us at:

Technical support website design in nashik, Mumbai, Thane, pune, Nagar |
Computer Repair Website design in nashik, Mumbai, Thane, pune, Nagar | Computer Support Website design in nashik, Mumbai, Thane, pune, Nagar

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